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Samsung 49" UHD 4K Curved Smart TV KU7350 Series 7+ (1ooo TL HEDİYE ÇEKİ)

3.990 TL
3.990 TL




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    Quick Connect

    Quick Connect

    HDR Premium / HDR

    HDR Premium / HDR

    Contrast Enhancer

    Contrast Enhancer

    UHD Upscaling

    UHD Upscaling

    Life in ultra-high definition

    The definition of UHD 4K Display

    The feature laden Samsung UHD TV gives viewers an unparalleled experience in colour and resolution. Amongst this TV’s plethora of eye exciters are its PurColour and HDR abilities. So what can you expect? Well for starters clearer expression of detail and more life-like colour regardless of ambient lighting levels. Watch TV come to life.

    Bright and lively whale’s tale image is on Samsung UHD TV screen.
    Conventional display
    Wider colour spectrum bar and bright and clear flower image explains purcolour
    Wider colour spectrum bar and bright and clear flower image explains purcolour


    PurColour technology brings images to life in just the way nature intended for us to see them. The clear expression and abundance of true-to-life tones will astound your eyes and excite your senses as it recreates more natural and realistic colours onscreen.

    A half of screen is conventional and half is an uhd 4k screen.ConventionalUHD 4K

    UHD 4K

    4K UHD brings out the finest details in all your viewing material. With 3840 x 2160 pixels onscreen every nuance is clear and ready for you to feast your eyes upon. Resolution up to four times that of Full HD TV ensures you'll experience sharper, more accurate images with immaculate true-to-life colour expression.

    HDR Premium

    You may not have realized how much you were missing in your day to day viewing before HDR brought the light out of the shadows. Expect images with higher brightness as a whole new world of detail is revealed and brought to life. All images come closer to reality thanks to HDR technology.

    A Right perspective angle of samsung uhd TV with bright landscape onscreen image.
    Icon for UHD Upscaling

    UHD Upscaling

    The Samsung UHD TV automatically optimises general content
    so you'll always enjoy a UHD-level viewing experience
    no matter the original quality. By using a 4-step upscaling process,
    details are enhanced as frame noise is eliminated.
    The resulting picture quality is beautifully clear
    and generally better all-round.

    Icon for UHD Dimming

    UHD Dimming

    The Samsung UHD TV takes full advantage of its processing power
    to exercise total software control of picture enhancement.
    The screen itself is divided up into hundreds of zones
    that are each individually analysed and adjusted to optimise colour,
    brightness and sharpness. The result is more accurate and sharper images.

    Search less, enjoy more

    Smart Hub

    Turn on the TV and everything you need is on the screen. Whether it’s streamed movies, games, or a live broadcast, going from one to the other is the same as flipping through channels. It’s that easy and that intuitive. And of course you only need one single remote for it all.

    Smart hub UI called Eden is on Samsung TV onscreen.
    Icon for smart hub
    Smart Hub

    There’s so much to watch, from so many sources. With the Smart Hub, 
    you’ll find it all in one place just by turning on the TV. Switching from one source 
    to the next is effortless, adjusting the TV settings is child’s play. 

    Icon for smart view
    Smart View

    Install the Smart View app on your smartphone and PC, and you can share 
    the content on the devices directly to your Samsung TV. 
    From photos and videos to music, it’s so much better when enjoyed on 
    the bigger screen.

    Icon for game

    Whether you have a game console or not, the option to play games straight 
    from the cloud on your Samsung TV is one you’ll get used to pretty quickly. 
    All you need is a game controller and Internet connection to start playing 
    your favourite games via Samsung Smart Hub’s Game Panel.

    *Games function requires Internet access and Game controller, sold separately.
    *Certain applications and services may not be available in all regions and may not be available on certain models. Please check the model specifications for details
    *Performance may vary according to home network environment.

    Curved Screen

    Immersive Viewing Experience

    Curves are known to please the human eye and it certainly holds true for the UHD TV. More than just being about appearances, its curves usher in a whole world of engaging entertainment. Get pulled in to the action for a distortion-free viewing experience that’s also easy on your eyes.

    Two curved Samsung TV with beautiful land scape onscreen image.

    Curved design

    Softly and curvaceously designed, UHD TV’s exquisitely rounded curves draw attention and elicit warm feelings.
    With natural curves just as we see in nature and architecture, the curved UHD TV can be appreciated even when it’s powered off.

    Flat screenDifferent distance depending on angle
    Standard View
    a flat TV infographic shows a different distance of viewing depending on angleFartherFarther
    Curved ScreenSame distance regardless of angle
    Wider View
    a curved screen TV infographic shows uniform and wider viewing distance from any angle


    One more step to further connect you with what’s onscreen, the Curved.
    UHD TV adjusts contrast levels uniformly across the screen. 
    for an even greater sense of depth.

    Less eye strain

    Experience more comfortable viewing compared to that of a flat screen.
    With a curved TV screen, your eyes are afforded a uniform
    viewing distance and hence less visual fatigue.

    • Logo Image of digital Europe UHD display
    • Logo Image of 4K Ultra HD connected
    • 7Series
    • 3840 x 2160Resolution
    • 4,200RScreen Curvature
    • PurColorPurColor
    • 3HDMI
    • 2USB
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